Our mind works in metaphors all the time, whether we realize it or not. We can think of everything around us as metaphors for our true inner feelings about ourselves. In this sense, the mind uses metaphors much more often that we may think it does.

Metaphorically, wherever your unconscious mind goes, it will always only see what is already there inside the mind. That means if you think back to a past life experience, you will actually only see the emotional problems you have in this lifetime dressed up in that past life experience. So the past life is a metaphor your mind uses to show you what you are actually holding onto emotionally, in this moment. Likewise, if you imagine your future, you will only see your future from your metaphoric mind’s current perspective, therefore finding the exact same problems, doubts, as well as aspirations, there. But if we change the memories and emotional resources and then take you back to the past life or future experience, those experiences of the past or future will now be different to reflect the changes in your current emotional landscape. This means that the mind uses metaphors, for example in the form of past or future lives, to show us what we currently hold within us emotionally today.

The mind will express itself in unique ways and give meaning to events, images, people, etc, metaphorically. This means that when you see a specific person or scenario and you find yourself having an issue with whoever or whatever is in front of you, your problem is not because of the scenario, but because you are projecting your own inner resources onto that scenario. In other words, we give meaning to what we experience according to our internal references. The mind metaphorically shows us where we stand emotionally in relation to a problem by using the people and places around us as symbols for our true feelings. Interesting, isn’t it?

So how can we stop this pattern of projecting our beliefs onto everything else? Let’s start by explaining what a belief is. A belief is an idea that is supported by both proof and emotion. The proof is the evidence we have to support the idea and the emotion is the feeling and sensation that gives the idea a sense of reality and truth. In order to change a belief, we change the proof that gives rise to the corresponding emotions. For example, if you hate your job, the job itself has no meaning, but your metaphoric mind gives the job meaning through your belief system. The job has nothing to do with how you feel about it, but rather it’s your feelings that dictate how the job is to you. This is where neutrality can really help us.

It’s important to come from a place of neutrality inside us. Meaning, regardless of what we see and experience, we can practice coming from a non-judgmental point of view more and more. For someone who has never realized the importance of neutrality, or for someone who never realized he/she wasn’t neutral to begin with, this concept can seem a bit strange and a little tricky at first. But rest assured, the more we apply neutrality to our everyday experiences, the more we get a handle on it. This will help us realize that we have more power to control our emotional reactions to our circumstances than we may realize. When you realize you are not a slave to your circumstances, you begin to take control of your life in ways you perhaps never thought possible before. And that’s huge!

But how do we get to that neutral prospective? Definitely through practice, but if you want to get there fast, then FasterEFT is the answer. Time and time again, people are shocked at how fast and easy it is to let go our lack beliefs with the FasterEFT process.

FasterEFT is so effective because it transforms what we are holding inside us, which is exactly what we need to do in order to stop experiencing external triggers or “problems.” When we start to shift our internal references, we realize that the problem is not outside of us, but rather inside us, and the only way to get rid of the problem “out there” is to change what we believe about it internally. In this sense, the metaphoric mind is like a guidance system, showing us where our own lack beliefs are stopping us from fully achieving the life we’ve always wanted. Thank you metaphoric mind!