FasterEFT is so great because it allows the brain to release or let go of the beliefs we don’t want and also reinforce all the wonderful things we DO want.

We often get asked, “Can we tap in the good stuff?” and the answer is always, “YES!” In fact, we encourage people to tap in as much good stuff as they possibly can!

Positive affirmations are and have always been a fantastic way to reprogram the mind and solidify the feel-good beliefs that we want to have. When we re-affirm these positive affirmations, the results are even more powerful! There are several ways to do this, a few of which are outlined below:

  • Happy Journal – Thinking the Positive

Creating a Happy Journal is so highly recommended! A Happy Journal is a journal kept for the sole purpose of writing down all the happy memories you can think of. Write down anything and everything that brings you joy. This can include your favorite memories, pictures, letters, note cards, etc! Your happy journal does not have to be limited to real life though. It is perfectly fine to write down made up stories that bring you joy or jokes that make you laugh!

Then, every so often, perhaps first thing in the morning when you wake up or in the evenings before bed (or both!), take a few minutes to go over all the wonderful things written in your happy journal and allow yourself to re-experience the joy you felt in those moments.

If you want to imprint these positive affirmations even deeper into your psyche, tap in the happy memories from your Happy Journal. Just start tapping on the usual points as you re-read and re-feel your happy memories. It works!

  • Ask the Right Questions

How many questions have you asked yourself today? We ask ourselves thousands of questions every single day, often times without being aware of it. When we ask ourselves a question, our mind works like a machine to bring us an answer. When we start asking the right questions, our minds naturally find proofs to confirm to us the answers we prefer.

For example, instead of asking “why me?” or “how come I’m the only one with financial stress?” lets start asking questions like “how do I have so much money?” or “why do so many people love me?” When we ask ourselves these positive questions, our minds will give us positive answers because we are now asking the right questions.

Re-framing the questions we ask ourselves is a very powerful and effective way to re-train our minds to see all the positive things about us, instead of the negative. The more we do this over time, the more we change our subconscious mind to attract to us the things we actually want in life. That’s huge!

  • See It, Feel It, Be It

Visualization is so powerful and so under-recognized. See what you want. Feel how you want to feel as you see it. And then act as if it is already here. See it. Feel it. Be it. This is so effective!

If you want to take this a step further, tap on your chest while stating “I want to have _____” and fill in the blank. Then tap on your outer hand while stating, “I have _____” filling in that same answer. For example, tap on the chest and say “I want to have a flat stomach,” then tap on the outer hand and say, “I have a flat stomach.” Repeat these statements, alternating between tapping the chest and outer hand. Note that the tapping does not have to be on these points; you can tap anywhere and still get the same effect.

  • Flip It

Write down all the negative aspects you perceive of yourself. Then, flip those aspects by rewriting them in their positive forms and tap those positives in. If you really want to get serious with this, once you flipped all your negatives into positives, you can record yourself saying those positives and listen to the recording on repeat while you sleep or while you’re in the car, etc. This is an amazing way to reprogram yourself in the ways you prefer!

Flipping the negative aspect into a positive is also an integral part of the FasterEFT method itself, so it’s already something you learn how to do in the training courses. The technique mentioned is just a powerful way to engrain the attributes we wish to embody more fully into ourselves.

So as you can see, there are many ways to tap in the positives! Pick any or all methods that resonate with you and go for it! Tap in the positives and watch your life transform. Happy tapping!