It is possible to change our problems without physical tapping when we understand how the mind works. As humans, it is impossible for us to feel good and bad at the same time. This is because we use the exact same organs to generate both good and bad feelings. When we can understand how to use these good and bad feelings to our advantage, changing problems becomes quite simple.

So how do we change a problem?

The simplest, most important formula you will ever need to know about making changes in the mind is this:

Bad Feeling + Good Feeling = Collapse.

Also knows as the Good Bad Collapse. By placing a bad feeling and a good feeling together, the bad feeling collapses. This is so important to remember because it is how all our changes happen.

All memories, whether good or bad, are internally created by our minds. When we feel the feelings associated with our memories, we are in something called a “trance.” All trances and feeling states are created by the mind. Whatever we focus on in our minds will determine how we feel. It’s that simple. Change what is in your mind and you change how you feel. Our goal is to change the internal structure of the negative memory so that it has no emotional power. We do this by the Good Bad Collapse.

Internal changes can be made with words, concepts, or by shifting the images round in your mind. We all have symbols in our mind. Some people see more pictures and images, while other people hear more voices. So if you see or hear cute little babies in your mind you will feel happy. If you see or hear someone crying in your mind then you’re not going to feel so good.

So, say you hold a negative memory inside your mind. Make that negative memory as real as you can and feel as if you were right there in that memory. If being in the memory brings up too many uncomfortable feelings, you can always take a step back and in your mind’s eye just watch yourself in the memory, as if you’re a fly on the wall. Now focus on this bad memory and notice how you know you have this bad memory. It can be a burning in your chest, heaviness in your back, or perhaps you see certain colors. Whatever it is, just notice how you represent that negative memory in your mind.

Once you have this negative memory, move it over to the side. Once the negative memory is moved over, step into a good memory and feel and the wonderful feelings associated with that good memory. If you notice you are like a fly on the way in this good memory, change perspectives and actually put yourself inside the good memory, as if you are experiencing it instead of watching it. This will allow you to feel the good feelings more than you would feel them by watching the memory from afar. Continue to switch between feeling the bad memory and feeling the good memory until the bad memory collapses. It’s that simple!

Every single person in your memory is you!

Every character in your memory is your own internal representation of you. For example, if you have a memory of you and your father standing together and your father is being mean to you, guess what? Your father is not being mean to you anymore today. Now, as you recall the memory, you are recreating it, so you are actually being mean to yourself through the representation of your father. You are producing all emotions attached to this memory that you created. Get it?

This is actually great news! Now that we know that we are the creators of our memories, and now that we know that Good + Bad = Collapse, we have the power to change any memory we want to!

Those memories that we recall are not real. The present moment is real. Anything else is a trance. When we feel the feelings in those old memories, it feels real because our physical body in the present moment responds to the feelings we feel as we relive those old memories. So, understand that everything before this present moment is only an illusion that exists inside you. Those illusions become true when we feel the feelings associated with the memories.

However, we do not want to live in the past. What we want to do is use the past to help us create the realties that we prefer. When you hold bad memories inside you, you have a better chance of getting more bad experiences, but when you hold good memories inside you, you have a better chance of getting more of those good experiences. So, cleaning up the negative memories we have will help us live better lives today, and that’s exactly what we want!