An abreaction is a release of emotional tension achieved through recalling a repressed traumatic experience. A lot of people, when they start tapping, experience different kinds of abreactions. Some people notice their feelings getting more intense, while others feel sleepy, tired or even get sick. Don’t worry, this is totally normal!

But why are abreactions normal? Well, let’s think about this for a moment. If you have a lot of emotional baggage that you’ve been storing inside you for a long time, and you start this healing process, the mind starts saying, “Finally! We’re finally getting rid of all these old beliefs and feelings! Now that you’re getting rid of it, we’ve got more for you to let go of!” It’s like a volcano that bubbles under the surface for years, and then when it finally starts releasing the pressure, all the pressure wants to come out at once.

The problem is, most of us, as children growing up, never really developed emotional skills. We were never taught how to fully feel our emotions and then let them go. Since we didn’t know how to let our emotions go, we started stuffing them down deeper and deeper. So all those emotions that were never really dealt with accumulate inside us. Then, perhaps years later, we discover methods like FasterEFT that allow us to actually release our stored emotions once and for all. Once we start releasing those stored emotions, our body gets the signal that its possible to finally release all the stored feelings, and so it tries to. The release of these emotions can sometimes lead to us feeling different symptoms, known as abreactions.

When we start tapping, we create amazing changes. When we create those changes, our mind communicates with us that we have more things to change through abreactions. When we address our emotions and our experiences, what makes them seem real is that the mind expresses itself physically. An example of this mind body connection can be seen when people start burping or yawning during tapping rounds. Burping and yawning are examples of abreactions, but abreactions affect everyone differently, and a lot of people don’t experience any!

FasterEFT often times side steps or lessens the abreaction affect because of the way the modality is structured. FasterEFT is designed to go deep into many levels of the subconscious mind and create a lot of deep changes, often times all at once, and therefore the abreaction experience is significantly less than it would be through other healing methods.

If you are experiencing abreactions, don’t let them discourage you! First of all, you’re experiencing them because the FasterEFT process is working, and secondly, it will get better in time! Persistence is your best friend. The more you tap, the better you’ll start feeling before, during, and after sessions.

So what to do when those abreactions get the best of you? Again persistence is your best friend! Also, remember that the key to tackling those big issues is to feel the feelings and then divert your mind. This can be done through the tapping but if you feel like the emotions are too much, it is always okay to distract yourself for a little while and then come back to the issue. It’s helpful to have a few happy memories on hand that you can think of in between your tapping rounds to help you divert your focus for a bit. Move in and out of those bad feelings over and over again until the issue is cleaned up and you feel better.

Don’t be afraid of the process! Remember, that if abreactions start to show up as you’re healing then you’re on the right track! Abreactions mean you are clearing all the old baggage you were holding onto inside once and for all and making room for better, more feel good emotions to take root. As we start to make more and more room for the good feelings to live within us, we are making huge shifts in our reality and drastically improving our quality of life! So keep tapping and start looking at those abreactions as confirmations that wonderful changes are taking place!