Of course the first question you could ask yourself is this:

“Do I limit myself to believing in a lack based reality – or am I open to a reality of infinite possibilities and endless abundance?”

If you believe that attending this event is unlikely due to your current finances, then surely you will not attend, which is the opposite of your desire. So the first and most important thing we invite you to do is to shake off that mindset! Shifting our mind to allow beliefs that empower us and allow abundance and prosperity to effortlessly flow through us, is both the first AND last step to financial freedom, believe it or not.


Know that you are coming to this event (or any other outcome that you desire), and know that it is going to happen one way or another. Embody the feeling state of this outcome! aka feeling excited, blissful, giddy, etc, and looking forward to being shown by the universe how this result is going to be brought about to you! – while maintaining childlike wonder, curiosity, and excitement! Just trust it will happen, and then let it go, knowing that it will manifest somehow, whether or not you consciously know the details.

This truly works for us and everyone who embodies this frequency. Try it out, you could just discover the secret to effortless manifestation 😉

You’ll be blown away by all the magic and synchronicity that wraps around you once you open yourself up to groundbreaking possibilities.

THERE IS THIS SAYING: where there’s a will there’s a way. This means that if you are determined enough, you can find a way to achieve what you want, and we want to support your desire to attend this magical event!

But before we explain how you can receive hugely discounted tickets, we leave you with a question:

“How much RICHER will your Life become when you decide to jump in, head first?”

That being said, we have multiple discount opportunities for you =)

These discounts are offered through our belief in T.E.A.M.:



Share T.E.A.M. Spread the word and receive an extra $50 discount.

Specifically, this means:

√ Sharing the event on your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and/or Twitter (or whatever social media is your thing).

√ Invite 100-500 friends to the Facebook event.

√ If you’re a member of Facebook groups related to yoga, meditation, tantra, ecstatic dance, awakening, authentic relating, spirituality, higher consciousness, or similar – then this is also a perfect place to share the event link.

√ If you have an email list, you’re also warmly welcome to share it with them. If you need any promotional material, please contact us. You can also copy and paste info from this event page and the Facebook event page.


Marketing T.E.A.M. Receive a $100 commission for every registration that occurs through you!!

(whether or not you personally attend, meaning that this does not only count for people who are intending to come to Bali, but also for everyone who would like to make a quick $100 for every registration).


Support T.E.A.M.Help out during the gathering and receive an extra $100 discount.

Helping with lighting candles, creating a circle, setup of mattresses or yoga mats for our sessions, refill tissues, beautifying, and similar.

This makes you part of the T.E.A.M.! In general, we ask T.E.A.M. members to meet 15 mins before the start of each session, to prepare the space in any way that’s needed. Note that all T.E.A.M. members are able to participate fully in all sessions.

T.E.A.M – Together. Everybody. Achieves. More.

So What Does This Mean For You?...

This means that you could potentially come for FREE!!

 Let’s break it down:

Savings from Early Bird pricing ($200) + Savings from Share T.E.A.M. ($50) + Savings from Marketing T.E.A.M. ($100 EACH ENROLLMENT – unlimited) + Savings from Support T.E.A.M. ($100)

= $450 savings and beyond!!

So there are ZERO excuses for not manifesting this Gathering for yourself if you so desire…

…Let’s Bliss Out Together…

Email Hina Sheikh at hina@sundoholistic.com with the subject heading “Ultimate Bliss Discount” if you’d like to come as part of the Share, Marketing and/or Support T.E.A.M., and after receiving a YES from her that you’re in, subtract the discount and pay for your ticket.