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Back Story

Hina was born into a conservative household and from a very early age experienced various forms of abuse, deep depression, PTSD and more, eventually leading Hina to form eating disorders and wreaking havoc on her physical and emotional health. This caused Hina immune disorder, severe digestive dysfunction and chronic fatigue, life threatening anemia, debilitating PMS, allergies, migraines, muscle atrophy and edema, cellulite, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, and the list goes on! Hina spent her growing years hopping from doctor to doctor, from one specialist to the next in the hopes of finding a solution to her suffering, but no one could give her an answer and no treatment could grant her relief.

Confused and at her whit’s end, but determined to experience the pain free life she knew to be her birthright and refusing to accept anything less, Hina began to research and look outside conventional medicine and into more alternative, esoteric forms of healing. She began to seek out anyone and anything that could potentially help her feel better and was exposed to so many different and profound approaches to health. Hina started attending all kinds of different seminars, retreats, and trainings in all things health, wellness, and personal development. She personally studied under pioneers in natural medicine, neurolinguistic programming, meridian tapping, energy healing, tai chi and sundo martial arts, and more. She turned her life into a living experiment. Every time Hina learned another technique, she would implement it into her life and observe the results. As she did so, she started putting the pieces of the puzzle together and began understanding what is actually needed for true healthcare.

Hina is an attorney by trade, but as she tackled and moved through more and more of her hardships, she realized that what she really wanted to do was help others to not struggle as much as she had. If she could help someone feel safe, or be healthy, or find happiness or success faster than it took her to find it, she’d be a happy girl. And so, as she helped herself, she naturally started helping others shift their perspectives and their tendencies, where it felt appropriate – first with her family, then friends, then random people who would for some reason feel safe enough with Hina to open up. This turned into a coaching practice for Hina, first for physical health, nutrition, and detoxification, and then later for mental and emotional health as well, eventually evolving into the all-encompassing lifestyle support she offers today. She stopped practicing law and immersed herself in spreading the knowledge of how she helped herself and empowering others to do the same.

Hina’s passion and personal mission is to spread awareness and help others upgrade their lives, in whatever form that may look like to them – from the severely traumatized patient looking for relief, to the business professional wanting to up his game to the next level, and everything in between. Hina feels her approach to success can benefit anyone, and she will continue to spread her message of holistic well being.


Sundo is a mountain Taoist healing art form centered on a combination of breath and yoga like postures that align and bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

To us, Sundo is a 360-degree lifestyle brand. Our unique interpretation is based on a hybridized health philosophy that integrates various alternative modalities into one holistic approach to wellness, longevity, emotional freedom, and empowered living. Specialized focus on the physical body, the emotional body, and the spirit, or energy body, facilitates total realignment and restores cellular integrity. Each body is addressed in turn to sculpt a synergistic harmony that results in an epic and fully authentic human experience.

Sundo Holistic draws from the isolated institutions of medical, nutrition, psychology, massage, ancient yoga, and others, and weaves the strands of these segregated approaches with Hina’s own personal journey and the discoveries she’s made along the way, to create an entirely new framework for health and wellness. Followers can expect to shatter the glass ceiling on what they “thought” was possible with their bodies, careers, relationships, and more. This growth leads to new motivation, realizations, and inspired actions that yield positive outcomes and is ultimately life changing. Our motive is to fuel your fire to take control of your own life by learning how to harness your power and successfully navigate the direction of your health in all aspects – mind, body, and spirit. Sundo Holistic can combine with and enhance any lifestyle or belief system.


Dearest Viewer,

Thank you so much for visiting my site. All of it stems from my desire to help you root your vision into reality. Looking back, I now see so clearly how every hardship, every struggle, every question I had paved a predestined road for me to be here with you, sharing all the secrets I’ve uncovered on my journey to wholeness and beyond. I love supporting people as they reclaim their power, take back control, and start living life on their own terms, fully sovereign and drunk on the beauty of it all. Never has helping others in this way felt like work to me. I’m so humbled and in awe of all you beautiful and incredibly brave and radiant souls I have the honor of assisting. And you help me as well – every interaction is always a profound two-way learning experience, whether or not we choose to see it as such.

I share this information from my heart, and I want to offer a hand to anyone who is looking for more – more safety, more wellness, more stability, more success, more epicness. If you feel stuck in any way or if you genuinely want to have a life that feels better to you than the one you’re experiencing right now, please know that answers exist. From personally experience I can truly say that it can Always get better, and you’re Never stuck, especially when it feels that way. Something magnificent happens when we remove our resistance and allow our indestructible human spirit to shine through – life just opens up and we find ourselves more and more able to expand into the vastness of endless possibilities. My intention is to guide you beyond your current parameters into more of your truest Self, and I invite you to become curious of what is actually possible.

With so much Love,