How To Change Problems Without Tapping

How To Change Problems Without Tapping

It is possible to change our problems without physical tapping when we understand how the mind works. As humans, it is impossible for us to feel good and bad at the same time. This is because we use the exact same organs to generate both good and bad feelings. When we can understand how to use these good and bad feelings to our advantage, changing problems becomes quite simple.

So how do we change a problem?

The simplest, most important formula you will ever need to know about making changes in the mind is this:

Bad Feeling + Good Feeling = Collapse.

Also knows as the Good Bad Collapse. By placing a bad feeling and a good feeling together, the bad feeling collapses. This is so important to remember because it is how all our changes happen.

All memories, whether good or bad, are internally created by our minds. When we feel the feelings associated with our memories, we are in something called a “trance.” All trances and feeling states are created by the mind. Whatever we focus on in our minds will determine how we feel. It’s that simple. Change what is in your mind and you change how you feel. Our goal is to change the internal structure of the negative memory so that it has no emotional power. We do this by the Good Bad Collapse.

Internal changes can be made with words, concepts, or by shifting the images round in your mind. We all have symbols in our mind. Some people see more pictures and images, while other people hear more voices. So if you see or hear cute little babies in your mind you will feel happy. If you see or hear someone crying in your mind then you’re not going to feel so good.

So, say you hold a negative memory inside your mind. Make that negative memory as real as you can and feel as if you were right there in that memory. If being in the memory brings up too many uncomfortable feelings, you can always take a step back and in your mind’s eye just watch yourself in the memory, as if you’re a fly on the wall. Now focus on this bad memory and notice how you know you have this bad memory. It can be a burning in your chest, heaviness in your back, or perhaps you see certain colors. Whatever it is, just notice how you represent that negative memory in your mind.

Once you have this negative memory, move it over to the side. Once the negative memory is moved over, step into a good memory and feel and the wonderful feelings associated with that good memory. If you notice you are like a fly on the way in this good memory, change perspectives and actually put yourself inside the good memory, as if you are experiencing it instead of watching it. This will allow you to feel the good feelings more than you would feel them by watching the memory from afar. Continue to switch between feeling the bad memory and feeling the good memory until the bad memory collapses. It’s that simple!

Every single person in your memory is you!

Every character in your memory is your own internal representation of you. For example, if you have a memory of you and your father standing together and your father is being mean to you, guess what? Your father is not being mean to you anymore today. Now, as you recall the memory, you are recreating it, so you are actually being mean to yourself through the representation of your father. You are producing all emotions attached to this memory that you created. Get it?

This is actually great news! Now that we know that we are the creators of our memories, and now that we know that Good + Bad = Collapse, we have the power to change any memory we want to!

Those memories that we recall are not real. The present moment is real. Anything else is a trance. When we feel the feelings in those old memories, it feels real because our physical body in the present moment responds to the feelings we feel as we relive those old memories. So, understand that everything before this present moment is only an illusion that exists inside you. Those illusions become true when we feel the feelings associated with the memories.

However, we do not want to live in the past. What we want to do is use the past to help us create the realties that we prefer. When you hold bad memories inside you, you have a better chance of getting more bad experiences, but when you hold good memories inside you, you have a better chance of getting more of those good experiences. So, cleaning up the negative memories we have will help us live better lives today, and that’s exactly what we want!






An abreaction is a release of emotional tension achieved through recalling a repressed traumatic experience. A lot of people, when they start tapping, experience different kinds of abreactions. Some people notice their feelings getting more intense, while others feel sleepy, tired or even get sick. Don’t worry, this is totally normal!

But why are abreactions normal? Well, let’s think about this for a moment. If you have a lot of emotional baggage that you’ve been storing inside you for a long time, and you start this healing process, the mind starts saying, “Finally! We’re finally getting rid of all these old beliefs and feelings! Now that you’re getting rid of it, we’ve got more for you to let go of!” It’s like a volcano that bubbles under the surface for years, and then when it finally starts releasing the pressure, all the pressure wants to come out at once.

The problem is, most of us, as children growing up, never really developed emotional skills. We were never taught how to fully feel our emotions and then let them go. Since we didn’t know how to let our emotions go, we started stuffing them down deeper and deeper. So all those emotions that were never really dealt with accumulate inside us. Then, perhaps years later, we discover methods like FasterEFT that allow us to actually release our stored emotions once and for all. Once we start releasing those stored emotions, our body gets the signal that its possible to finally release all the stored feelings, and so it tries to. The release of these emotions can sometimes lead to us feeling different symptoms, known as abreactions.

When we start tapping, we create amazing changes. When we create those changes, our mind communicates with us that we have more things to change through abreactions. When we address our emotions and our experiences, what makes them seem real is that the mind expresses itself physically. An example of this mind body connection can be seen when people start burping or yawning during tapping rounds. Burping and yawning are examples of abreactions, but abreactions affect everyone differently, and a lot of people don’t experience any!

FasterEFT often times side steps or lessens the abreaction affect because of the way the modality is structured. FasterEFT is designed to go deep into many levels of the subconscious mind and create a lot of deep changes, often times all at once, and therefore the abreaction experience is significantly less than it would be through other healing methods.

If you are experiencing abreactions, don’t let them discourage you! First of all, you’re experiencing them because the FasterEFT process is working, and secondly, it will get better in time! Persistence is your best friend. The more you tap, the better you’ll start feeling before, during, and after sessions.

So what to do when those abreactions get the best of you? Again persistence is your best friend! Also, remember that the key to tackling those big issues is to feel the feelings and then divert your mind. This can be done through the tapping but if you feel like the emotions are too much, it is always okay to distract yourself for a little while and then come back to the issue. It’s helpful to have a few happy memories on hand that you can think of in between your tapping rounds to help you divert your focus for a bit. Move in and out of those bad feelings over and over again until the issue is cleaned up and you feel better.

Don’t be afraid of the process! Remember, that if abreactions start to show up as you’re healing then you’re on the right track! Abreactions mean you are clearing all the old baggage you were holding onto inside once and for all and making room for better, more feel good emotions to take root. As we start to make more and more room for the good feelings to live within us, we are making huge shifts in our reality and drastically improving our quality of life! So keep tapping and start looking at those abreactions as confirmations that wonderful changes are taking place!


The Metaphoric Mind

The Metaphoric Mind

Our mind works in metaphors all the time, whether we realize it or not. We can think of everything around us as metaphors for our true inner feelings about ourselves. In this sense, the mind uses metaphors much more often that we may think it does.

Metaphorically, wherever your unconscious mind goes, it will always only see what is already there inside the mind. That means if you think back to a past life experience, you will actually only see the emotional problems you have in this lifetime dressed up in that past life experience. So the past life is a metaphor your mind uses to show you what you are actually holding onto emotionally, in this moment. Likewise, if you imagine your future, you will only see your future from your metaphoric mind’s current perspective, therefore finding the exact same problems, doubts, as well as aspirations, there. But if we change the memories and emotional resources and then take you back to the past life or future experience, those experiences of the past or future will now be different to reflect the changes in your current emotional landscape. This means that the mind uses metaphors, for example in the form of past or future lives, to show us what we currently hold within us emotionally today.

The mind will express itself in unique ways and give meaning to events, images, people, etc, metaphorically. This means that when you see a specific person or scenario and you find yourself having an issue with whoever or whatever is in front of you, your problem is not because of the scenario, but because you are projecting your own inner resources onto that scenario. In other words, we give meaning to what we experience according to our internal references. The mind metaphorically shows us where we stand emotionally in relation to a problem by using the people and places around us as symbols for our true feelings. Interesting, isn’t it?

So how can we stop this pattern of projecting our beliefs onto everything else? Let’s start by explaining what a belief is. A belief is an idea that is supported by both proof and emotion. The proof is the evidence we have to support the idea and the emotion is the feeling and sensation that gives the idea a sense of reality and truth. In order to change a belief, we change the proof that gives rise to the corresponding emotions. For example, if you hate your job, the job itself has no meaning, but your metaphoric mind gives the job meaning through your belief system. The job has nothing to do with how you feel about it, but rather it’s your feelings that dictate how the job is to you. This is where neutrality can really help us.

It’s important to come from a place of neutrality inside us. Meaning, regardless of what we see and experience, we can practice coming from a non-judgmental point of view more and more. For someone who has never realized the importance of neutrality, or for someone who never realized he/she wasn’t neutral to begin with, this concept can seem a bit strange and a little tricky at first. But rest assured, the more we apply neutrality to our everyday experiences, the more we get a handle on it. This will help us realize that we have more power to control our emotional reactions to our circumstances than we may realize. When you realize you are not a slave to your circumstances, you begin to take control of your life in ways you perhaps never thought possible before. And that’s huge!

But how do we get to that neutral prospective? Definitely through practice, but if you want to get there fast, then FasterEFT is the answer. Time and time again, people are shocked at how fast and easy it is to let go our lack beliefs with the FasterEFT process.

FasterEFT is so effective because it transforms what we are holding inside us, which is exactly what we need to do in order to stop experiencing external triggers or “problems.” When we start to shift our internal references, we realize that the problem is not outside of us, but rather inside us, and the only way to get rid of the problem “out there” is to change what we believe about it internally. In this sense, the metaphoric mind is like a guidance system, showing us where our own lack beliefs are stopping us from fully achieving the life we’ve always wanted. Thank you metaphoric mind!

Tapping In The Positive

Tapping In The Positive

FasterEFT is so great because it allows the brain to release or let go of the beliefs we don’t want and also reinforce all the wonderful things we DO want.

We often get asked, “Can we tap in the good stuff?” and the answer is always, “YES!” In fact, we encourage people to tap in as much good stuff as they possibly can!

Positive affirmations are and have always been a fantastic way to reprogram the mind and solidify the feel-good beliefs that we want to have. When we re-affirm these positive affirmations, the results are even more powerful! There are several ways to do this, a few of which are outlined below:

  • Happy Journal – Thinking the Positive

Creating a Happy Journal is so highly recommended! A Happy Journal is a journal kept for the sole purpose of writing down all the happy memories you can think of. Write down anything and everything that brings you joy. This can include your favorite memories, pictures, letters, note cards, etc! Your happy journal does not have to be limited to real life though. It is perfectly fine to write down made up stories that bring you joy or jokes that make you laugh!

Then, every so often, perhaps first thing in the morning when you wake up or in the evenings before bed (or both!), take a few minutes to go over all the wonderful things written in your happy journal and allow yourself to re-experience the joy you felt in those moments.

If you want to imprint these positive affirmations even deeper into your psyche, tap in the happy memories from your Happy Journal. Just start tapping on the usual points as you re-read and re-feel your happy memories. It works!

  • Ask the Right Questions

How many questions have you asked yourself today? We ask ourselves thousands of questions every single day, often times without being aware of it. When we ask ourselves a question, our mind works like a machine to bring us an answer. When we start asking the right questions, our minds naturally find proofs to confirm to us the answers we prefer.

For example, instead of asking “why me?” or “how come I’m the only one with financial stress?” lets start asking questions like “how do I have so much money?” or “why do so many people love me?” When we ask ourselves these positive questions, our minds will give us positive answers because we are now asking the right questions.

Re-framing the questions we ask ourselves is a very powerful and effective way to re-train our minds to see all the positive things about us, instead of the negative. The more we do this over time, the more we change our subconscious mind to attract to us the things we actually want in life. That’s huge!

  • See It, Feel It, Be It

Visualization is so powerful and so under-recognized. See what you want. Feel how you want to feel as you see it. And then act as if it is already here. See it. Feel it. Be it. This is so effective!

If you want to take this a step further, tap on your chest while stating “I want to have _____” and fill in the blank. Then tap on your outer hand while stating, “I have _____” filling in that same answer. For example, tap on the chest and say “I want to have a flat stomach,” then tap on the outer hand and say, “I have a flat stomach.” Repeat these statements, alternating between tapping the chest and outer hand. Note that the tapping does not have to be on these points; you can tap anywhere and still get the same effect.

  • Flip It

Write down all the negative aspects you perceive of yourself. Then, flip those aspects by rewriting them in their positive forms and tap those positives in. If you really want to get serious with this, once you flipped all your negatives into positives, you can record yourself saying those positives and listen to the recording on repeat while you sleep or while you’re in the car, etc. This is an amazing way to reprogram yourself in the ways you prefer!

Flipping the negative aspect into a positive is also an integral part of the FasterEFT method itself, so it’s already something you learn how to do in the training courses. The technique mentioned is just a powerful way to engrain the attributes we wish to embody more fully into ourselves.

So as you can see, there are many ways to tap in the positives! Pick any or all methods that resonate with you and go for it! Tap in the positives and watch your life transform. Happy tapping!


What Is Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations (FEFT)?

What Is Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations (FEFT)?

What if you found out there actually isn’t anything wrong with you.

“Wait. What?! But I’ve been abused, I have diabetes and arthritis, I suffer from depression and addiction and I’m too fat. I’m broken. Of course I am. Why else would I have all these problems?”

What if all these “problems” you have are not really problems at all, but rather strengths you developed to cope with your surroundings. Is it possible you’re actually whole and just never realized it before?

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, it’s true. You’re not broken. Quite the opposite in fact: You’re actually really strong.

You see, human beings are by far the most advanced and complex beings to ever exist. The modern human has been around for hundreds of thousands of years! It would be pretty hard to survive that long if we didn’t have the ability to adapt to our most stressful experiences.

You may be saying, “OK, that’s really great but how does it relate to my chronic migraines?” It means we are all operating flawlessly based on our own internal belief systems – exactly like our very own custom-made “How To” navigation guide for survival.

We are exactly how we have to be to survive our internal conditioning. These internal conditions can either encourage or prevent success on any and all levels. Psychological factors can play a major role in physical illnesses. Attention to the mind-body connection can greatly help manage chronic pain conditions and repeated patterns, thereby improving overall life quality. There is nothing to fix! There is nothing that needs to be done to get back to an “unbroken” state. We. Are. Not. Broken. We’re just really good at having our problems.

Let’s explain.

We subconsciously look for experiences that mirror the ones we already know because it’s safe and familiar, not because we actually want them. Security equals survival. We habitually tell our minds to create less than perfect outcomes because on some level we believe the pain needs to be there for us to survive, even after the traumatic emotional event that triggered the destructive pattern or physical response is long gone. We can stop sabotaging ourselves today by changing our perception of yesterday’s experiences.

We subconsciously believe we need our problems to survive, based on past experiences. And if we’re really good at having our problems, you can be assured that we’re also equally as good at not having them. All we have to do is re-route our navigation to a different destination. All we have to do is tweak our perception of those past events.

Rewiring our brain can seem daunting to say the least. This is where Faster Emotionally Focused Transformation, or Faster EFT, comes in; With Faster EFT it’s a lot easier than it seems.

So what is Faster EFT? Basically, it’s a cognitive modality that restructures neural pathways in the brain by using our own fingers to lightly tap on certain meridian points on the body that connect to specific fight or flight response organs. This tapping destroys neurological mind-body connections, which changes our emotional bond with any given experience. Faster EFT plucks key aspects of other leading edge intervention strategies, such as NLP, EFT, and BSFF, giving rise to a potent, super charged technique that triggers the brain to recode itself on a deeply unconscious and fundamental cellular level.

Perception is subjective. Change your perception and you change your current reality. For example, maybe I can’t seem to keep a job no matter how hard I try, not because I lack the skill set, but because I never felt good enough for my dad while growing up and my mind now assimilates my inadequacy with being undeserving of financial freedom. Or maybe I have chronic back pain from a pinched nerve, not because there’s something wrong with my nervous system, but because my subconscious associates that pain with the car accident my family was in when my mom died and I haven’t yet accepted her death. Whatever the case, if we alter the original emotional response to an experience, otherwise known as our perception, the “problem” disappears.

By replacing our current perceptions with ones that actually make us feel good, we allow our subconscious mind to propel us forward into our desired reality with ease and grace. We are finally able to make peace with our past memories. And guess what happens? All of a sudden you have more amazing job opportunities than you know what to do with, or your back magically feels brand new.

Life can seem confusing and completely overwhelming at times. We may not understand why we struggle so much or why we, out of all people, are stuck with the problems that we have. But when we realize that life is not happening to us, but rather through us, we take back our power and begin to shape the image we’ve always wanted but never seemed quite able to get. Did you hear that? Life is not happening to you. You are happening to Life. This is so incredibly liberating when it sinks in.

So let it sink in. Sit on it for as long as you need to. The answer will always be there at your fingertips. Literally.