Manifestation Mastery Program

Are you so done feeling the pain of rejection?

Are you over feeling like it doesn’t matter how much you give or how hard you try, that your love interests just don’t seem to fully appreciate you?

Are you tired of seeing all your friends and women you grew up with find love and settle down, yet you still can’t seem to find the right person for you?

Are you sick of wanting to feel loved and wanted by a special someone, yet never seem to get it?


Are you ready to finally drop the bullshit holding you back from the life you came here to experience?! For the relationship you deep down know is meant for you?! For the partnership filled with fun, freedom, ease, and grace that gets to be EASY?!

Finding true love is not supposed to be so confusing! Experiencing the romance you desire is not supposed to hurt so much! And guess what, it doesn’t have to anymore!

It took me a long time to figure out how all this manifestation stuff works. But maybe I was supposed to learn it the hard way so that I could share it with you more easily…

It’s truly my deepest desire that all women know they deserve deep soul mate love! They deserve to feel sexy and safe worthy and seen and understood by their partner! And they deserve to stop waiting for it!! They deserve it now! And they deserve to love themselves better along the way…

It’s my intention to show all women that they can actually have what they want! That there truly is a way to feel how you so deeply wish to feel in relationship. That I can help you get there 

I’ve been creating the life of my dreams, creating the experiences, relationships, and adventures that my spirit lives for, and supporting others more and more to do the same in their own lives!

So it’s no surprise that my heart feels so called to offer a 8 WEEK TRAINING on HOW TO GET ALIGNED WITH THE LOVE YOU’VE ALWAYS DESIRED!

I feel so passionate about sharing with those of you who genuinely resonate with this, my own process of how I authentically transformed and created my own life to reflect my highest passions, deepest truths, and greatest sense of wholeness and freedom

How I continuously manifest and experience my most exciting wants and desires.

How this process has already helped SO MANY women create the love they are ready to experience

And how YOU can apply the same process to your life to find peace, healing, and love to manifest YOUR deepest desires and most epic romance, literally as a byproduct of evolving into your truest Self 

My heart commits to support you in allowing your best Self to surface in your life, like it has and continues to do so in my life =)


What You Get

This 8 week ALIGN WITH LOVE mastery program is a total package that includes literally everything you need to know and practice to finally get the partner of your heart’s deepest desire. This looks like:

→ 8 TRAININGS, structured as follows:

*Week 1: Ulitmate Clarity*

Get crystal clear on what your most prominent desire is, what that looks like, and what it means. Know where you’re going, where you’re at, and find clarity on how to get there.

*Week 2 & 3: The Process*

Learn Hina’s step by step process on how to heal, clear, and manifest your goals and desires, and apply it into your own life. You will be guided to go deep and pinpoint the physical and energetic blocks you didn’t even know you had that are holding you back from your dreams, as well as how to destroy the obstacles in your way.

*Week 4: Energetic Focus* 

No more energy leaks! Learn what energetic focus really means and looks like, and clean up those physical and emotional leaks from your own life that are keeping you from what you want.

*Week 5: Self Love/Integration*

By now we’ve learned and implemented A LOT. And this is the perfect week to integrate it all. But it does not mean we do nothing! You are guided into deeper and deeper vibrational clarity and discovering what deep self love looks like for you, which calls in profound healing and brings you into ALIGNMENT with your best Self.

*Week 6: Flow, baby, Flow!*

It’s ALL about the flow, baby! Flow state is where all the MAGIC happens! It’s where things just work for us and our life turns into an epic adventure!! Learn tricks, tips, and tools to get back into flow state quickly! With flow comes bliss, excitement, fun, and manifesting your desires =)

*Week 7: Reap the Rewards!*

Step outside your comfort zone and learn when and how to take inspired action from your new-found clarity and how to receive from the Universe all that you’ve moved towards during this course. Continue to allow yourself to receive your best life as you continue to apply these steps over time.

*Week 8: Consolidation* 

Take stock of all that has shifted over the weeks, and reflect on the massive transformation that has occurred within you!

…as well as…


→ HOMEWORK EACH WEEK (to really get you to dig deep and ask the right questions)



2018 is the Year to Just Do the Damn Thing!

The year to ALLOW it all to happen for you!

The year to fully say YES to how you’ve always wished to show up in the world and the love you’ve always wished to experience.

Are you ready?

2018 is the year to ALIGN WITH LOVE!


Email Hina for sign-up options and/or with any questions at 


Much Love,

Hina xo

What Others are Saying...

“I don’t even know where to start with this Godsend! Hina is SO loving and holds the most sacred, beautiful, safe space for me to really dive deep and discover what’s holding me back from the love I’ve always wanted. There is zero judgment from her, and that is what makes all the difference because she is so skilled in what she does AND has the heart of an angel. Hina, I am So Grateful to you and all the enormous ways you’ve supported my dreams. Thank you for doing what you do!”

– Jessica Parker –

“Hina helped me find my life partner because she helped me find myself. She helps women in creating their best relationship, and she does SO MUCH MORE than that! Working with Hina really allowed me to get my life back! I wake up every morning excited to be alive and excited to create magic. Working with Hina really brought that out in me, that spunk and love of life. Hina thank you (yet again) for showing me how to allow love into my life.”

– Michelle Rodriguez –

“Working with Hina is the best thing I’ve ever done because I really learned how to love myself through working with her. She showed me that it’s possible to become and create and have anything that I want in life, that it’s all mine for the taking if I take the right steps. I really learned to work with life, instead of against it, and that truly has changed my entire life. Thank you so much for showing me the way.”

– Cassidy Perez –

“I seriously recommend Hina to any woman looking to really become the person and the partner they know they can be. When I met Hina, I was having trouble with my boyfriend, and Hina quickly showed me that I had the power to change that dynamic by getting to the bottom of my reactions and actually changing them for the better. Like…what?! haha I hope people really grasp the enormity of what Hina is educating woman how to do!!! It’s mind-blowing!”

– Danielle Millman –

“If you are looking for a clear and intuitive mirror with sagacious insight, I highly recommend that you continue forth with the reason you’ve landed here and are reading these words and allow yourself to make core shifts alongside Hina.

Hina undoubtedly exemplifies what it means to embody absolute resilience, bravery, divine femininity, grace, and pure love. Being in her presence means being safe and embraced in a high-frequency infusing heart field. She holds space for anyone with a love that is utterly palpable. Hina’s steadfast drive and commitment to healing herself and others deems her service to our collective truly unique and unparalleled. As her realizations of True Self continue to accelerate, she becomes an even greater “force to be reckoned with.”

– Kenza Kadmiry –

“Hina is Amazing in so many ways, she is so thorough with getting details with any obstacles I shared to work through. I felt very safe to open up and tap away my fears, sadness, and anxiety. I FELT a HUGE release and most of all at PEACE. Hina has a gift to help get to the core of the issues and break it down to be free, I so highly recommend her to anyone who really wants to make changes and move forward to a more happy, healthy, and abundant life we all are worthy of. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart, you are so sweet and comfortable to work with…

– Anne Plath –